Mine Safety Equipment

Our comprehensive line of mine safety products meet your daily safety needs and follow MSHA or other regulatory guidelines and requirements. Backed by extensive R&D, our products contribute to an improved mine safety record and safer work environment for your employees.

We help limit unit down instances due to mine or MSHA non-compliance  by keeping on-hand inventories of any of your safety equipment needs, including

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  • mine equipment safety components and accessories.
  • general mine safety supplies
  • protective wear
  • signage.

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Safety Mirrors

Replace broken rear and side view mirrors quickly, easily and safely. Our off-highway OEM and aftermarket safety mirrors for all mine equipment are made with tempered safety glass. Reinforced steel backings limit vibration and reduce breakage. We offer
  • custom convex mirror sizes, including 10"x16", 13"x18" and 18"x22"
  • custom flat mirror assemblies and replacement inserts in sizes 10"x30", 13"x40" and 15"x50". Our replacement inserts don’t require new bracketing, saving installation time and money.
  • heated and electrically operated mirror assemblies.

Safety Whips

Find a mine warning system that meets your specific mine safety standards and requirements. Our stock of various safety whip sizes and styles provide operators with visual awareness and proximity identification of small and/or light vehicles within mine property or construction zones. Products include
  • durable, fiberglass-constructed safety poles for fleet vehicles, mine equipment and construction support equipment that come in a variety of lengths and telescoping designs
  • multi-colored LED lighting and reflective flags
  • hitch, magnet and truck-bed mounted assemblies
  • back up alarms
  • various hardware installation and attachment options, including quick connect/disconnect designs.

Wheel Chocks

Depend on our high-quality, MSHA-compliant safety wheel chocks for on- and off-highway vehicles and equipment. Made of strong polyurethane-molded or rubber-based materials, they come in light- or heavy-weight options and sizes for any size tire. Abrasive and grooved construction provides ground stability to prevent accidental equipment displacement from sloped or graded roadways or uneven ground. We also offer dual chock assemblies for front and rear of tire installation

Sunwest Lighting

Ultra high-end LED lighting and fixtures are perfect for
  • industrial mine equipment such as head lighting, rear lamps and light bars
  • process plants
  • buildings
  • construction and mine worksite operations.
Improve productivity and safety with some of these features:
  • variable levels of luminosity and strength
  • electrical, battery and solar power sourcing
  • Wide or narrow beam patterns
  • Portable light stand models for worksite maneuverability
  • magnetic or permanent mount designs.

We also carry 12-24 volt-compatible multi-colored strobe lighting, fog lamps and light bars for on- and off-highway equipment for enhanced visibility day or night.

Protective Wear

Depend on our one-stop shop for your safety wear needs. We offer quality, competitively-priced protective wear with our signature responsive service. Our wide array of protective gear includes
  • eye, head and footwear
  • safety vests
  • gloves
  • clothing
  • body harnesses
  • face shields.

Signage and Traffic Control

We custom-make mine and industrial safety and directional signs for areas such as buildings, roadways, fences, on- and off-highway equipment and worksites. Use them to post hazard warnings and general safety information. Our signs feature
  • heavy duty metal and plastic panels, frames and bases
  • reflective characters and tapes for nighttime visibility
  • custom sizes and shapes for any space or designated area
  • wide selection of fonts and colors.

We also offer
  • traffic control signs, barricades and posts with breakaway plastics and rubber materials to prevent equipment or vehicle damage
  • reflective safety tapes for marking heavy equipment, walkways, buildings and hazard areas.
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