Debunking Myths About Mining and the Environment

July 14th, 2017
Mining shovel and drill parts

Mining is an essential process that provides valuable materials for use in many different products and industries. While mining is a critical part of the global economy, this industry is often stigmatized as being harmful to the environment. The latest mining technologies, such as acid mist suppression systems, are helping to reduce the environmental impact of mining operations around the globe. Let’s debunk some of the most common myths about mining and it’s environmental repercussions.

Myth: Mining consumes valuable portions of land

A common myth surrounding mining and the environment is that mines use up valuable portions of natural land. In fact, a properly planned mining project may take up less than one percent of land in the local area. Mining companies are very aware of their land use, and they must meet strict codes and regulations regarding the amount of land that is taken up by mines.


Myth: Mining contaminates local water supplies

Another popular misconception is that mining operations pollute water sources, such as lakes, rivers, and streams. The reality is that mines must perform comprehensive water quality assessments in order to make sure that their byproducts are not contaminating surrounding water sources. Using water recycling technology, mines are also able to conserve large amounts of fresh water.


Myth: Mining devastates environmental habitats

While past mining techniques may have been harmful to plants, animals, and environmental ecosystems, today’s mining companies are very aware of the need to protect the natural world. By complying with environmental regulations, mining operations are able to minimize the impact that they have on their surrounding ecosystems.

At Sunwest Supply, we can provide you with the mining safety equipment that you need to ensure that your mining operation is as environmentally friendly as possible. We provide the Tucson area with electrowinning cells, acid mist suppression systems, and other technology that is designed to improve safety and environmental impact. Call us at (520) 882-5717 to learn more about how our products and services can help you improve your mine.


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