Keep Your Employees and Project Safe with Acid Mist Suppression

March 24th, 2017
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When you’re operating heavy machinery of any kind, safety is always of the utmost importance. Acid mist suppression will control your worksite mist, which keeps people safe and helps to protect your equipment. From mist suppression brushes and balls to cell blankets and covers, there are many types of equipment that can be of help. Read on and see how you can keep your employees and project safe with acid mist suppression.

How Acid Mist Suppression Helps

Working with dangerous materials can be a hazard for both employees and equipment, which is where acid mist suppression becomes crucially important. Poor air quality can lead to all kinds of respiratory problems for your workers. In addition to potentially keeping your employees sidelined during your project, this exposure to airborne contaminants can leave them with health issues that last over time. Acid mist suppression seeks to improve your worksite’s air quality so your employees can stay healthy, strong, and ready to push forward. Removing toxic gases from the air will also help to preserve your equipment and keep your project going.

Types of Equipment

The right kind of technology can help you keep your employees and your project in shape. Acid mist suppression comes in many forms, including brushes, balls, and cell blankets and covers. Mist suppression brushes and balls are filtration systems that can be used to protect employees and equipment, and suppression balls can even be layered for extra security. You can also find cell blankets in different lengths and thicknesses to retain electrolytic heat and take care of mist.

Are you considering acid mist suppression to keep your employees and project safe? If you are, contact Sunwest Supply to see how we can help. We specialize in copper electrowinning products and supplies. You can always learn much more about us by visiting our website or calling us at (520) 882-5717 today.

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