Look at Current Issues in Mining Safety

May 26th, 2017

Safety is of the utmost importance when you are operating a mine. When it comes time to purchase new mining safety equipment or cell top furniture, you will need to confirm that all of your products are in compliance with MSHA safety standards. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, or NIOSH, Mining Program has recently identified the top safety concerns for today’s mines. Here is an overview of three current issues in mining safety.

Respiratory Disease

Workers who spend significant amounts of time underground in mine shafts may be at risk of developing certain respiratory diseases. Different types of mines can put workers at risk of experiencing various respiratory problems. Coal mines, for example, can place workers at risk of developing coal miner’s pneumoconiosis. Providing your workers with proper safety equipment and filtration systems can help reduce the instances of respiratory diseases.

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is another safety issue that is highly prevalent in mines. The various types of equipment that are used to mine materials deep underground can produce extremely loud noises when they are in operation. Protective hearing equipment and shorter work shifts have both been proven to help reduce hearing loss in mining professionals.

Traumatic Injuries

Mining is a profession that comes with fundamental risks. As mines reach further and further underground, mine workers are increasingly at risk of experiencing traumatic injuries on the job. Keeping up to date with safety inspections and purchasing new equipment at key intervals can help to keep your mine safe and free of accidents and injuries.

At Sunwest Supply, we provide top quality mine safety equipment to the Tucson region. Along with our anode insulators and acid mist suppression systems, we also carry a complete range of products that can be used to improve the overall safety of your mining operation. To learn more about our safety equipment, or to order new products for your mine, give our mining supply company a call at (520) 882-5717.

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