Look at Different Cathode Edge Strips

April 21st, 2017

Cathode edge strips play a major part in many electrowinning procedures worldwide. If you have been sourcing new copper electrowinning products, you may want to tour some of the cathode edge strips that are available from your local supplier. These devices prevent metal from building up along the cathodes that are used during the metal stripping process. To help you purchase your electrowinning materials, here is a quick tour of some of the different cathode edge strips that will be available to you.

ISA Process Strips

ISA Process strips are known for their unique, track shaped construction. When you are shopping for new track type edge strips, you can trust the products from ISA Process to provide you with exceptional reinforcement, durability, and overall performance. Your ISA Process strips will be customized to the specifications of your equipment, so you can rest assured that you will achieve the perfect fit.

U Shaped Assembly Strips

If a track type cathode edge strip will not fit on your cathode, you may want to consider investing in U shaped strips. U shaped cathode edge strips are used specifically during the electrowinning process that is used to extract copper, zinc, and nickel. With properly adjusted U shaped cathode strips, you can boost your mining yield while also protecting your equipment.

Pressure Type Edge Strips

Mining operations that rely on the Kidd Process may need to use pressure type edge strips on their cathodes. Pressure type cathode strips attach securely to the edges of each cathode, which makes them resistant to high heat or extreme pressure. Your mining supply company will customize your pressure type edge strips to the exact dimensions of your equipment.

For answers to your questions about cathode edge strips or copper electrowinning supplies, contact Sunwest Supply by calling (520) 882-5717. Our Tucson mining supply company provides products to the world’s top mining companies, and we can help you achieve the best efficiency from your operation. Our team looks forward to making a difference in the productivity of your copper electrowinning mine.

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