Protect Your Miners Against These Common Health Issues

June 9th, 2017

Mining can be a dangerous job, but it’s also an important job for our society. However, we need to be able to protect miners if we want this work to be worthwhile and fulfilling for the people doing it. Please read ahead and find out how you can protect your miners against common health issues in this vital industry.

Hearing Loss

Mining is far from the only occupation that poses the threat of hearing loss, and there are many factors that influence how vulnerable you are to losing your hearing. How long you’ve been working your shift, how long you’ve been working in your lifetime, and how old you are can all impact your susceptibility. Miners are exposed to loud, sudden noises on a regular basis, so they should all wear proper ear protection to preserve their hearing.

Skin Conditions

Miners may develop skin conditions from a few different job-related factors, but poison ivy and poison oak tend to be among the biggest culprits. This means that this is a relatively preventable issue. Make sure miners on your worksite are always wearing the proper personal safety equipment so that they can work around poison ivy and oak without compromising the health of their skin.

Chronic Problems

While an acute problem is one that appears suddenly and then goes away, a chronic problem is one that continues to return over time. Miners may develop both acute and chronic health issues, but protocol typically addresses acute rather than chronic problems. Proper use of the right safety equipment can help prevent both of these kinds of problems, so this use should be consistently enforced.

If you’re interested in getting your miners extra protection against these common health issues, feel free to call Sunwest Supply at (520) 882-5717. From anode insulators to electrowinning cells, we can provide you with what you need. You can find out more about our services by calling us or visiting our website.


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