Understanding Common Mining Terms

July 28th, 2017

Whether you are setting up a new mining operation, or you are an experienced professional in the industry, it is important to get to know some of the most common terms that are associated with the mining process. A company that offers electrowinning cells and other types of mining equipment can provide you with additional information about what you need to know about mining terminology. Let’s unpack some common mining terms that you may encounter when you work in the industry.

Anode Insulators

Anode insulators are designed to provide additional efficiency and safety when they are installed in a copper mining plant. If you are finding that your anodes consume large amounts of electricity, or they are not generating your desired amount of materials, you may be in need of an anode insulator. Your anode insulators will be customized to match the specific design of your mining strips.

Cell Top Furniture

If your mining process involves base metal electrowinning, you will need to purchase cell top furniture for your system. Cell top EW furniture is designed to improve the overall productivity of a base metal mining operation. From capping blocks to intercell bus systems, your mining supply company can provide you with all of the cell top furniture that you need to achieve the greatest level of productivity.

Mist Suppression

Acid mist is a common byproduct of many base metal mining operations. In order to protect the health of your employees and improve the air quality of your mine, you may want to invest in a mist suppression system. Acid mist suppression can be combined with cell top furniture and other components to create a safer atmosphere.

For answers to your questions about mining equipment and terminology, contact Sunwest Supply. For more than two decades, we have provided the Tucson area with top rated equipment for use in copper, zinc, and nickel mines. To schedule a consultation with one of our mining sales representatives, give us a call at (520) 882-5717.


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