SX/EW Plant

We excel at providing custom products made of high-quality materials and attentive workmanship. As a mining supply company that equips operations around the world, we know how to effectively respond to your needs. We

  • fabricate existing designs
  • offer technical assistance to develop and fabricate new products.

From automated or manually driven gunk wagons and trolley systems to settler coalescing filter fences, we can supply quality products for your SX.

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research and development

  • Development of operations solutions by listening to your production needs and challenges.
  • Patented technology, including EW/ER cell top furniture, mist suppression, anode and cathode insulator systems.
  • Advanced materials testing.
  • Translation of field concepts into models or prototypes for internal testing and pilot or commercial plant trials
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  • Customized solutions and concepts that increase efficiency, improve safety and lower costs.
  • Engineering, design and manufacturing capabilities that deliver turnkey projects.
  • Proven custom product lines that are in high demand and recognized industry-wide.
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custom fabrication

  • Special projects
  • Prototype building
  • Limited or short-run fabrication jobs
  • Handcrafted builds
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With our wide variety of products for daily plant maintenance and processing, you can find what you need for your specific electrowinning or electrorefining operation. Our specialized product lines use quality materials that can handle rigorous corrosive environments. We concentrate on supplying products known for their longevity and high performance. Robust plastics facilities offer compression, injection and extrusion molded tankhouse products using a wide range of thermoplastics and FRPs.  
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