Acid Mist Suppression Equipment

Improve air quality, promote employee health and safety and protect your cellhouse investment with our acid mist suppression products that cost-effectively contain toxic and corrosive gases. Proper mist control systems will allow cellhouse assets to last longer, including
• maintenance and plant process equipment
• structural components
• concrete flooring
• cell top furniture.

Our competitively priced patented and conventional technologies ensure that we have a product that works for you.

Mist Suppression Brushes

We pride ourselves on developing effective cellhouse maintenance solutions. One of our most revered patented products is our mist suppression brush. Our anode mist brush filtration system is easy to install and maintain. Manufactured as a fully customizable, acid-resistant, acrylic-bodied and polypropylene brush assembly, this is a cost-effective alternative to cell hoods and scrubber systems. The anode brush assembly
  • Fits nicely over your anode hanger bar
  • Seamlessly creates a complete barrier over the entire EW cellhouse by using meticulously placed and measured tufts of bristles to scrub, clean and filter noxious acid mist bubbles before they burst above the electrolytic solution line
  • helps save anode and cathode hanger bar welds by reducing mist at the solution line
  • can be used with or without floating plastic balls
  • reduces the need for chemical surfactants.

Floating Mist Suppression Balls

We supply conventional mist reduction systems with mist balls that are a budget-conscious alternative to high-end technology. They
  • provide adequate surface coverage
  • can be layered for additional effectiveness
  • can be quickly installed for immediate mist retention in the event of unanticipated surges of electrolytic off gassing.
Our readily available hollow, plastic, floating balls
  • are manufactured in polypropylene, HDPE and LDPE
  • range in size from 10mm to 25mm diameter
  • can be ordered in various UMs: each, box or weight
  • can be offered at  volume discount levels.

Cell Blankets and Covers

EW and ER operations can use our blankets and covers for mist and electrolytic heat retention. We custom cut and spool them for easy warehousing, handling and cell line installation. Features:
  • available in multiple thicknesses, widths and lengths
  • made of geo textile and woven fabrics
  • chemical resistant.
We also provide lightweight roll-out spools and handling mechanisms.
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