Anode Insulators

Find the anode insulator that fits your plant. We have dozens of existing designs or we will customize one especially for you. After we evaluate and learn more about your operation, we can engineer and recommend a perfect match.

Our long-lasting, durable insulators accommodate anode thicknesses from 6mm to 9mm. They

  • improve electrical efficiency
  • prevent short circuits
  • promote better metals growth
  • promote proper anode/cathode spacing and alignment.

We manufacture APVC, ABS, PP and HDPE anode insulators. We have injection-molded, multi-cavity tooling for high-volume and low-cost production.

Star Insulator

Our patented 4-prong star-shaped insulator replaces outdated button-design technology. Affordably priced, this APVC insulator minimizes cathodes shadowing and is threaded for secure screw-on fit and easy installation.

Triangle Hairpin Insulator

Get two-for-one benefits with our hybrid Hairpin/Victoria design. Manufactured with world-renowned and proprietary APVC material, it’s installed over the anode bar with a bottom affixing pin. It offers excellent in-cell electrode spacing, positioning and cathode guidance during harvest cycles and increases electrical efficiency.

Bottom “A” Insulator

Ideal for 3-sided cathode edge strip applications, this side plate affixing insulator eliminates cathode shadowing and reduces damage caused by V-grooved cathode plates. With a heavy-duty APVC construction, it’s available for spacing between 95mm and 120mm and is alternative-anode compatible.

Victoria, Side Diamond and Wing Type Insulators

We offer the most popular and widely used designs across the EW/ER industry. We have multiple variations and can easily upgrade from existing designs. Our simple clip-on, screw or pinned-fit designs are manufactured of APVC, PP or PVC materials to improve electrical efficiency.
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