Cathode Edge Strips

We offer high-performance customize extruded and co-extruded cathode edge strips for copper, nickel, zinc and cobalt EW and ER operations worldwide.

Specially engineered and extremely durable plastics, including proprietary APVC and HDPE compounds offer extended service life and excellent heat, chemical and impact resistance. We also manufacture edge strips in ABS, polypropylene, PVC and other plastics

Our turnkey manufacturing services—from design and tooling to final extrusion—provides you with competitively priced profiles and shapes. Give us your

  • processing specs, whether it’s for 2- or 3-sided applications
  • stripping method
  • electrolytic makeup
  •  any other important plant characteristic

and we’ll engineer an effective edge stripping solution for your operation.

ISA Process (SW-1651 or SW 1289) and ISA Process 2000 (SW-1532-51C)

You can custom order track-type edge strips for ISA Process or ISA 2000 technologies that meet your specific needs. Choose from one of our popular interior designs or go with ISA’s widely recognized and patented profile. We are a licensed manufacturer and supplier.  Whichever you choose, we will custom trim and drill your edge strip to match your cathode’s top pinhole location.

Three available material grades include PVC, ABS and high impact/high heat AVPCs, providing you with options that fit your tankhouse and budget.

Our ISA 2000 track type edge strips have reinforced bottom caps to withstand extensive stripping, flexing and harvesting cycles. We customize your edge strip assembly with molded bottom cap strips for use with a standard 14mmx14mm cathode corner notch or to your specified measurements.

We also supply installation accessories, including rigid and flexible top pins and 4, 5 and 6-post retainers.

U Shaped, 3-Sided Edge Strip Assembly (SW-999950)

Our patented one-piece, 3-sided track-type assembly for Cu, Zn, Ni and Co EW and ER features integrally molded corner boots and a bottom edge strip to

  • promote longer cathode life
  • reduce maintenance costs
  • increase harvest cycles


This assembly is custom fit to your cathode and can be produced using a variety of edge strip profiles.

Durable, injection-molded corner pieces

  • eliminate less effective individual corner boots and replacements
  • help make stripping easier
  • produce cleaner cathode edges
  • improve overall cathode quality
  • eliminate use of wax on cathode bottom edge
  • protect against metal nodulation at the cathode bottom corner
  • help protect against anode insulator damage caused by knife edged “v” groove at cathode bottom
  • eliminate potential for short circuits and reduced plant efficiency.

Pressure Type (Pinch Fit) Edge Strip with Affixing Rod (SW-1606, SW-3725, SW-1945)

For the ISA and Kidd Process, the hinged, pinch fit mechanics of this design allow for a tight fit on cathode plates from 3mm to 5mm thick. Produced in high-heat APVC, ABS, PP and HDPE plastics, it

  • comes in various sizes for perforated or non-perforated cathodes
  • is precut
  • can be installed with or without tape (sold separately).

We also can use this design to build a 3-sided edge strip assembly with integrally molded corners.

Our cost-effective, premium extruded/machined SW-1945 version is resistant to high temperatures, flexible, durable and easy to install.

ER Press Fit Type Edge Strip (SW-2785, SW-1324)

Existing designs provide excellent availability with low-cost profiles for high-consumption clients. Material grades handle extreme electrolytic temperatures and withstand frequent harvest cycles (daily). Options include co-extrusions with soft rubber liners and edge strips with integrally molded corners for 3-sided applications.

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