Cellhouse Maintenance Products

Keep your plant operating safely and efficiently with maintenance products and supplies that you need every day.

As a one-stop shop, we have available a wide range of tankhouse products. Some of these include

  • non-corrosive plastics and stainless steel components
  • ball, butterfly and gate valves constructed in chemical-friendly materials
  • stainless steel reinforced plastic chain guards for all cathode stripping carousel systems.

We also will work with you to custom-fabricate specialty components for any of your daily cellhouse projects.


Cell Products

Bottom and side buffer sheet liners: Made of APVC, CVPC and ABS, we custom fit to protect concrete walls and flooring, Cell leveling valves and overflow boxes: We specially design and fabricate in CPVC to help you manage electrolytic solution levels. We provide retrofit options to existing cell systems. Diverter screens and panels: Custom designs contain mist balls and enable unimpeded electrolytic flow. Industrial hoses and fittings: Chemical and heat resistant, these come in various sizes, lengths, materials and fastening options. Rubber cell plugs: Molded in EPDM, neoprene or other chemical-resistant grades.

Cell Distribution Manifolds

We custom design cell distribution manifolds for any tankhouse to optimize electrolytic distribution. Our manifolds evenly dispense solution throughout the EW/ER cell, providing cleaner and increased metals growth. We can fabricate for drop-in installation or for onsite assembly. Materials of construction, include
  • CPVC piping and fittings
  • chemical resistant adhesives/glues
  • pressure-rated valves.

SX/EW/ER Structural Building Products

Vinyl-Ester Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) grating: Use for plant walkways, stair treads and other floor surfaces. Available in gritted or smooth finishes in panels or custom fabricated to your specs. FRP square tubing: Use for cellhouse and other mine facility handrailing systems. 316ss hardware is available for component assembly. Custom-fabricated structural assemblies: We provide design/build services for such assemblies as cellhouse staircases, risers and platforms. Other structural shapes: Includes wide flange beams, I-beams, channel and angle forms.
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